Home Office Texting Training

Log Into Home Office and Use Reports – > Text Messages

And then select the Templates Hyperlink

Within this page there are two major sections:

Section 1 Solicitation Templates – Section 2 Opt in messages

Text Templates is where you will setup your regular messages for texting Mass Solicit, FB Solicit, Opt In Code Delivery and the Welcome Message.

As you can see it also includes the placeholders for message creation just below the form field and the template type selection is a drop down so you can create any one of the four current message types:

Lets go over the placeholders and then we can discuss meaningful message creation and function.


company_name : Company name as entered in Config -> Company Info in LP3

company_phone : Company Phone # as entered in Config -> Company Info in LP3

amount_available : What amount the client has available if they renew/re-open according to LP3

branch_name : Branch name as entered in Config -> Company Info

customer_first_name : First name of client being solicited from LP3 Customer Record

customer_last_name : Last name of client being solicited from LP3 Customer Record

These place holders of course will display the real values in your messages out.

Now that we have covered placeholders creating a new template is pretty straight forward, let’s look at the default template and how its used:

Welcome Message:

As you can see here we have added an additional Welcome message

The First message reads: Thank you for choosing company_name! You have opted in! If you have any questions please call us at company_phone. Reply STOP to opt-out

The Second message reads: Thank you from company_name! You are opted in! Any questions/concerns please contact us at company_phone. Reply STOP to opt-out

Essentially the same message with some wording changes, this will ensure your text messages are able to deliver to as wide of an audience as possible as sending the same message over and over to the same people and a large group of clients could cause your number to get incorrectly flagged as spam or blacklisted, so we have built in the ability to use more than one message in a message type, you can see to the right of the templates there is a ‘Usage’ counter this is to help keep messages fresh  in this case with two welcome messages the first message ever created would be the first used, and then it would have 1 use on its uses so the next welcome message that goes out will use the template with 0 uses as our system operates on a ‘least used’ system at the moment, so whatever the template is with the least uses will be the one sent out and this is on a per message basis, if you send mass it’s not going to all use the same message, each client in messages will iterate to the next ‘least used’ message. This is why it’s a great idea to front load several variations when you start using the program.

At the right of each template is a “Disable” button so that you are able to shut off messages that have been used excessively or turn off messages you have created only as “Seasonal” items (I.E. Merry Loansmas, Spooky Good Interest rates)

Mass Solicit and FB Solicit function exactly the same as we have covered with the Welcome message. Their defaults are as follows:

Mass Solicit: Want a little extra cash? Renew with company_name and get amount_available. Call our office today at company_phone Reply STOP to opt-out

FB Solicit: Do you want some extra cash? Reopen your loan at company_name and receive amount_available. Call our office today at company_phone Reply STOP to opt-out

Opt In Methods

LoanPlus3 Currently supports 3 methods for opting into text messaging, you can find the configuration setting for this under Config -> Misc Info -> Other

Contractual Opt In

Whenever a client renews, or a new loan is made as long as a good mobile number is collected the customer will be opted in at the completion of the loan documents.

Manual Opt In

You can pull up any customer record and click on the ‘Optin’ button next to the mobile number

A message opting the customer in will be sent out immediately.

If you have not collected a mobile number the ‘Optin’ button will be grayed out an inaccessible.

Code Opt In

Like  manually opting in, you go to the customer record and click the ‘Optin’ button next to the mobile number  

and then the system will send a message with a code to the customer’s phone

(The contents of this message are editable in HomeOffice)

and bring up a prompt on LoanPlus3 to input the aforementioned code

If you have entered the code correctly into the system the customer Opt in status will be moved to Opted In

and the customer will then receive the welcome message.

If you enter the code improperly the system will alert you to this fact and move the client Opt In status back to Eligible

Opt Out

The Only accepted opt out method at the moment is initiated by the end client replying STOP to any of the text message, remediated by the client sending START to the same number that they sent the original STOP to.


The Solicitation process through HomeOffice has undergone changes, now to access the mailing page you must go to the “Solicitation” tab at the top. Only users with specific Solicitation privileges will see the tab.

If you feel as though you should have access to this tab contact your Home Office and have them email us.

Here is the general overview of the page you will see beyond clicking solicitation tab and we will break it down into three sections for further explanation: Section 1 which stores are you soliciting to? Section 2 What templates are available right now for your solicitation? Section 3 What are the parameters of the solicitation?

Section 1 which stores are you soliciting to?

When you first enter the solicitation page no Regions / Divisions / Branches no selection will be highlighted by default. From here you can either solicit to an entire Region(s) and/or entire Divisions and/or one or multiple branches you can select a region AND a Division AND some branches. For instance if you need to message all of Oklahoma and then just the corresponding North Texas region it might like something like this:

Which would sent messages to all oklahoma region branches and also North Texas region branches.

Alternatively you can just select one element from one category or multiple elements from the same category as seen demonstrated with Divisions here:

Single Division Selected

Multiple Divisions Selected

And then as an example to Division selection of Branches selection you can select multiple branches, divisions, regions by holding control and clicking on the additional stores, by that same method if you have a store or region you did not mean to add you can remove it singly by holding control and clicking it again to deselect in this example from the image above I mistakenly started with “North Texas” on my Oklahoma texts so I hold control and click “North Texas” and the result is only the Oklahoma divisions remain selected (additionally you can refresh the page to reset your selections to blank if individually seems too numerous):

Section 2 What templates are available right now for your solicitation?

In section two of the overall image we see only the available Templates that pertain to Solicitation (by which I mean you will not see the Welcome message or the Opt In Code Delivery in this list though they do still exist on the templates screen) and the current use count on that particular template, if your use count is ranging into the high thousands it’s a good time to get in contact with your template management person and get these updated, the more deliveries of the same exact message the less effective that message becomes as over time the carriers will start flagging it as spam.

Please note that only Owner level accounts have the ability to change the templates right now as these templates are used across all locations so to avoid any unintended modifications of the templates by unauthorized users this permission for now sits at the highest company level, the system was designed to be run by a single individual or small group of individuals who could run the system based on set parameters while maintaining updated text message content.

Anyone with that level of access will see “Edit Templates” above the templates displayed on screen and clicking that link will take you to the templates page. (where it has always been and is still accessible from: Reports > Text Messages > Templates)

Section 3 What are the parameters of the solicitation?

In the bottom or section 3 of the overview image you have the control over the parameters you can set to determine who should be getting a text message based on their FB time or Cash back available, you can even restrict Mass Solicit to currents only.

The Default view of course does not have anything selected

You can select just one Solicitation type or both:

Whatever parameters are selected and input will be run when the user clicks “Process Solicitation”

Last revised 1/21/2019