LoanPlus3 Payment Processor

Payment Processing in LP3

We are happy to announce we have gone live with payment processing! We have secured a vendor and encourage you to contact us to get started on the setup, we are already supporting thousands of transactions, let us help make your life a little easier.
Call: 800-460-4600
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With payment processing fully setup and enabled you are able to process bank card payments directly from the customer record of LoanPlus3 without changing your regular process just hit “Pay” as you normally would and select ‘Card’ and you will notice it adds two buttons once you change the drop-down to card “Remove” and “Add Card”

Assuming you have no cards on this account
(looks like this with nothing to the right of the Card Payment type drop down ) :

lets go ahead and click “Add Card” that will open a new prompt in the customer record that looks like this (For Selecting a different

Card or Removing an existing card look below in the FAQ):

Go ahead and enter your clients card info, be especially observant of the expiration date (and at the time of this writing no clients use credit cards for payment so it may be best for consideration to also make sure its a DEBIT card)

Once filled out hit “Add Card”

And you will be dropped back into the LP3 Customer record payment prompt only now there should be the last 4 digits and card type next to card:

You will see the card type and last 4 of the card for any client who has a card added to their account.

If you have just added a card and do not see the Card Type and last 4 of the card shown on the payment window backout and try opening the customer record again and see if it has updated then give us a call.

Once you click “Ok” to pay

One of two things will happen next:

  • The account will post the payment and generate a receipt (Usually with the last 4 of the card on the receipt but those with custom developed receipts may not have this)

You will get an error message that pops up on the screen passing along the response we got from our processor which could be one of the following:

  • Insufficient Funds:
  • Invalid Expiration Date

Notice the above Expiration Date is clearly past as this guide was written on 2/1/2019

The add card prompt will absolutely allow invalid expiration dates so you need to take additional care when entering cards that this is not the case. The result of using an invalid card date is a Payment Decline as it should be

You can verify the expiration dates of cards on your account by looking at the numbers to the right of the card type in the payment popup as seen here:

  • Invalid Card Number

This is a bit off for the “Payments Section” but if you happen to enter an invalid card number:

The system will stop you before you make it back to the payment menu and prompt for new entry:

  • All other Declines are General Declines

While some other payment types will produce the response “General Declines” if you get a General Decline and have reviewed the possible errors above and believe they are not the cause then read on:
This could be caused by an invalid card type, holds from the bank itself, service types not permitted on that cardholders account or a number of other reasons, if you need more information you can get with us and we can make an inquiry of it but the best medicine is usually to get your client to double check with their card issuer (bank) and see what they show on their side for the reason as banks don’t always tell payment processors what the reason for the decline is.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I select a different card or remove an existing card?

Selecting a Card for Payment / Removing a Card

You can see all your cards in the dropdown with type and expiration, simply select the one your client requests to make payment with and click pay.

If you need to remove a card simply click “Remove” with the card you want removed selected in the drop-down, it will give you no challenge response it will just remove the card as soon as you click “Remove” so make sure this is the action you intend to be taking.

Once I clicked remove I was immediately presented with the pay menu again and you can see the card has been removed from the payments list.

  • How do I know I/we are getting the payments we put into your payment processor?
    • Your Home Office should absolutely have the ability to reconcile card transactions from the vendor against what is in LP3
  • You cannot take card payments with payment processing turned on without a token shown  
  • Incorrect:
  • Correct:
  • If you find you can take payments with no token next to the card dropdown then payment processing is not enabled, if you believe otherwise please reach out to us immediately!
  • Why can’t I take a credit card (e.x. Capital One)/Why only Debit Cards?
    • We don’t set the limitations of what you can do, get with your home office as we have set this up to their specifications.