LP3 – Today’s Business (Loan Register)

Todays Business Menu, takes you to the Loan Register.

Today’s Business AKA the “Loan Register”, contains the loan information for each of today’s transactions. Loans made and Payments Taken.

Trans Type

Transaction Type, can be one of the following:

B – Renewal (Refinance) with Cash Back to Borrower
I – In full payoff of Loan
N – New Loan
S – NSF Check
Z – Reversed Contract
F – Former Borrower Renewal (Refinance)
L – P&L (Profit & Loss) Recovery
P – Payment
K – Check
MO – Money Order
CC – Credit Card
OTR – Others (ie: online payment)
DX – Deactivate Auto Club Account
P* – Mail Payment
J – Reversal of P&L Payoff
O – No Cash Renewal (Refinance)
X – In full charge back (Could involve NSF) . Reversal of a payoff – Any circumstance that causes a reversal of the payoff. Customer writes you a check and account is paid off. Check bounces and you reverse the payoff.

Loan Register Transaction Types Video