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Changing Your Password in LP3 and Home Office

If an account has been created for you in either LoanPlus3 or the Home Office website updating your password to something familiar and more secure (by way of no one else knowing it) is of prime importance, this quick guide will show you how to do that in both systems. LP3 will be covered first followed by the Home Office website.


Changing Your Password in Loan Plus 3

Changing your password in LP3 is pretty straight forward.

  1. Click on Config in the top menu of LP3
  2. Click on User Info in the list of items that opened when you clicked config

This will open a Users page. You will need to locate your user ID and name and click on the Edit/View button to the right of that in this example we will be using the training user to illustrate this point:

Once you click on Edit/View a new smaller window will pop up labeled Edit/View. In here you will just need to click on the password tab:

This will open the password menu in this small window where you can set your password and again in the confirmation spot and then hit Save at the bottom of the Edit/View window

And from there you can just hit the Red Exit button at the bottom of the User Info page, congratulations you have now changed your LP3 password remember to use this password the next time you log in with the related user ID.


Changing Your Password in the Home Office Website

Changing your password in the Home Office website is even easier than LP3! Once your are logged into Home Office with your “Temporary” password  you will see a number of reports and icons at the top of the screen in this case we want to focus on the icons in the top right specifically. You will notice a silhouette of a person and additionally an arrow pointing right from a square (this is the logout button).

To change your password in the Home Office website first click the silhouette button in the top right

This will take you to your user page where you can update your name (if its been entered incorrectly etc) as well as update your users password. (Branches take note many of you use a shared account based on your branch email, changing this password will change it for everyone using that email login in your office)

Once this page is open you can just enter the desires password into the two text fields “Password” and “Password confirmation” and then hit the blue “Update User” button at the bottom.


Once you have clicked the Update User it will take a few seconds to process and drop you back at the main page or reports depending on your level of access. With that your password for the Home Office website has been updated and you will need to remember to use this password the next time you login.