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File Solicitation Guide – CSV Solicitation

File Solicitation Guide – LP3 Home Office


File solicitation allows you to query through Mass Solicitation or FB solicitation, like Texting it has a more limited menu on option than in LP3 but is designed so you can create a CSV listing of accounts with proceed amounts available that makes them really convenient to deliver to a mass mail service provider so they can produce a large amount of mailers. This is especially useful as it can be run across the whole company at one time rather than store by store. 


To access the CSV Export you must go to the “Solicitation” tab at the top. Only users with specific Solicitation privileges will see the tab.

If you feel as though you should have access to this tab contact your Home Office and have them email us. 

Selecting what stores you will run the CSV Export Solicitation for: 

When you get into the export screen the first thing you will see at the top is the menu for which locations you would like to use when creating the CSV Export as below: 

You have a few options here, you can select 1 or multiple regions, 1 or multiple divisions, or 1 or multiple branches. Ideally you can use these to scope your solicitation, you do not need to select a region then the divisions in the region, use the highest elevation you can for your scope. 

Example: If you wanted to solicit the DFW region you can simply select it in the regions and any divisions or branches within it will be used, you do not need to also go select the divisions or branches this may cause issues if attempted. 

How to choose who is included in the export? You use the Mass Solicitation or FB Solicitation much like Texting or running manual mail in LP3. Click on one of the links above to see more on those areas. 

In the overview image below you have the control over the parameters you can set to determine who should be included in the CSV export based on their FB Date or proceeds available, you can even restrict Mass Solicit to currents only. 


The Default view does not have anything selected

You can select just one Solicitation type or both: 

Both Selected:

Whatever parameters are selected and input will be run when the user clicks “Process Solicitation”

At that point you should get a green bar across the top of Home Office letting you know its running 

And if you click on the “here” in that message it will take you to the Solicitation history where you can download the CSV once completed. 

In that page you can see below the highlighted “Export File” you can click on this to download the CSV.